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Talma go live with Hermes in Peru

August 31, 2015

We are delighted to announce that Talma Servicios Aeroportuarios in Peru have now gone live with the latest version of the Hermes air cargo management system.

With operations at Peru’s 17 most important airports and in Mexico, Talma have offered cargo services for the last 23 years. And, like Hermes believe that technological innovation is essential if you are to stay ahead of the competition.

With Hermes, Talma now have a system which has fully integrated cargo “best practices” which will increase the efficiency of handling processes, limit the number of SLA failures and actively direct warehouse operations whilst seamlessly interfacing with local community systems.

“At Talma we are constantly evolving and looking for ways to introduce new technologies or processes and believe that the introduction of Hermes is another step towards us becoming one of the leading air cargo companies in Latin America,” said Arturo Cassinelli, CEO of Talma.

Hermes Product Director and Talma Project Manager, Simon Elmore, added, “Working practices and Customs requirements in Peru differ greatly from other countries and understanding them in detail proved challenging at times. We worked very closely with the Talma project team to analyse complex requirements and define relevant solutions. We are delighted to add Talma to the growing Hermes family.”

About Talma Servicios Aeroportuarios

For more than 23 years in Peru we have been offering comprehensive solutions based on a unique premise: the provision of safe, fast and efficient airport services. During 2014, we handled approximately 100,000 flights and transported more than 190,000 tons of domestic and international air freight. Our team is composed of more than 3,000 expert professionals trained to the very highest international standards, and we operate in Peru’s 17 leading airports.

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