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With some of the world’s top experts in the field on our team, Hermes offers various consulting services aimed at ensuring your operations run as efficiently as they can.

Services we offer

Hermes’ consulting services aim to support you throughout various phases of our collaboration.

Services typically start with pre implementation Business Analysis, continue with Best Practice Process consulting to improve ongoing operational efficiency, and conclude with Health Checks to ensure you are utilising what Hermes has to offer to its maximum potential.

Business Analysis

When you choose to implement Hermes, the first thing we will do for you is a comprehensive Business Study. The Business Study is one of the most important phases of an implementation as our experts will review your current operations together with you and look for the best possible way to use Hermes in your terminal.

Using gap analysis, we will recommend a Business Optimisation Plan as part of the implementation service package.

A typical Business Study will have three or four parts to it, covering areas like Import/Inbound, Exports/Outbound, Accounts & IT.

Business evaluations are also offered as a standalone service. If you are contemplating replacing your CMS or HMS and, prior to making a decision, would like to explore what benefits such an implementation would bring, our experts can perform a high-level site review, so you are better informed before making a decision.

Health Checks

So that customers get the most out of Hermes, we recommend conducting regular Health Checks every few years.

A Health Check will see our experts, either on-site or online, review the way your operation uses Hermes.

The objective is to identify operational areas where the system may not be being utilised optimally – or at all – and suggest improvements to ensure your terminal uses Hermes to its fullest potential and in a way that is operationally sound.

Best practice process

Having seen air cargo operations of all types, all over the world, our experts are uniquely equipped to consult with you on the best way to run your terminal.

Best Practice Process consulting is typically done by focusing on a specific area that you feel is inefficient, does not perform to Service Level Agreement standards, or requires too many resources and hence is not as profitable as it could be.

Our experts will suggest the best possible ways to run the area being reviewed, to enable your operation to process cargo the fastest, with only the necessary level of resourcing while delivering quality to your customers.