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Our Story

Our History

Hermes has been developing cargo management systems for the air cargo industry since its inception in 2002.

Over the past 20 years, our teams have grown exponentially and our geographical footprint now includes offices in Israel, India, and our UK headquarters, as well as staff based in Spain, Portugal, and the US.

Our Philosophy

We build our systems with the specific requirements of air cargo handlers and airlines in mind, using our team’s collective 400 years of air cargo experience.

Combined with our technical expertise, we believe this is what makes Hermes’ Cargo Management Systems among the most sophisticated and versatile on the market.

We are committed to the continued development of our staff, providing ongoing training and nurturing the next generation of air cargo IT professionals.


A CMS solution tailored to your operation

Experienced teams

Combined 400 years of air cargo experience

Efficiency gains

Process more cargo, faster, and with the same number of staff

Real-Time Communication

Support from our experts during and after implementation

Minimise paper

Digitalisation of manual tasks significantly reduces paper waste

Live updates

Real-time oversight of Key Performance Indicators

How does digitalisation accelerate supply chains?

Digitalisation is all about data: data flow, data sharing, and data analytics. 

At HLT we put a lot of emphasis on data and our NG BI & Datalakes solution provides the oversight needed to allow for better decision making, leading to enhanced quality and faster processing of cargo.

The Hermes Cargo Management System ensures that this data capture is happening only once, and the data is used across the various HLT applications as well as shared through interfaces and messaging.

The more data is shared by the whole air cargo ecosystem, the more collaboration is possible, and the more efficiencies can be achieved.

Global Presence

Hermes technology can be found in all of the following locations