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Learning Management System

Whether onboarding new employees, updating knowledge or managing a new functionality, the LMS can provide immediate self service access, offering online training at all levels.  

New employees can quick become demotivated when colleagues are unable to find time to train or mentor each new recruit.  Here, the LMS can provide the solution, offering pre-defined curriculums giving the tools for and introduction to each area, allowing each employee to move seamlessly into their role within the operation. 

The LMS has been developed around various Curriculum, following a logical progression through the Hermes Cargo Management System with courses complementing the HLT CMS as it evolves.  Employees are able to access at any time to refresh or update their knowledge in new developments.  

HLT LMS’ content and structure has been designed with the user in mind – content and guidance is suggested to match the aspirations of the individual, which is a proven tool in the learning and development of career progression.  

Online 24/7 access gives the flexibility to factor in time for employees as well as ad.hoc. access for the more advanced.  In addition to structured course curriculums, the employee has options to self enrol in various courses.

The Target for HLT is to create a team of ‘Superusers’ within each operation as a cost effective solution to training.

LMS Overview

Hermes Learning Management System (LMS), gives our customers 24/7 access to training content, instructional videos, and how-to guides – guaranteed to make training simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Contact David Jarvis at to request a demonstration of the full system