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Hermes 5

Hermes 5 (H5) is the latest version of Hermes’ function-rich core Cargo Management System, which digitalises the management of import, export, and transit processes within cargo warehouses.

H5 sits at the heart of the Hermes NG Ecosystem and is hosted in the Cloud.


The benefits

Cloud connected

Hermes 5 is available on a Software on a Service (SaaS) basis, capable of running through any Cloud service. 

We believe the Cloud is the optimal way to host a Cargo Management System, allowing the customer to focus on their core business, leading to better system performance at a lower cost.


With the Hermes 5 CMS in place, you can build on the hub system with apps to suit your operation’s needs.

Customise your ecosystem with modules for slot booking, track & trace, and companion app, amongst other solutions.


External actors in the supply chain and third-party applications can collaborate seamlessly with H5.

H5 already integrates with technology from Nallian, e-CARGOWARE, and DGM for a superior user experience.


H5 is an end-to-end solution that streamlines the full management of cargo import, export, and transit processes.

From Customs, to bonded goods, and NOtification TO Captain (NOTOC), H5 enables real time process steering and automated messaging and accounting.

Power of data

Data speaks volumes. Maintain constant oversight of data collected throughout the end-to-end cargo process, from planning, budgeting and invoicing, to scheduling, resource allocation, and reporting.

Safe and secure

H5 ensures your cargo meets Dangerous Goods Regulations according to IATA specifications, giving you peace of mind.

Systems configured to manage any operation

Cargo Management System

The Hermes Cargo Management System (CMS) controls the import and export processes of warehouses.

The Hermes CMS is a function-rich cargo management system, incorporating real time, mobile warehouse control, process steering and automated messaging and accounting, allowing changes to be made at any time based on customer needs.

The following graphic shows some of the key components of the Hermes CMS:

Hub Management System

The Hermes Hub Management System (HMS) looks at the inbound and outbound journey of cargo through a central hub control.

Depending on the percentage of transit cargo within your operation, the Hermes CMS can also be configured to act as a Hub Management System (HMS), thus allowing shipments to be processed in the shortest time possible with auto-prioritisation of tasks based on when specific shipments need to meet outbound bookings or special product Service Level Agreements (SLAs). 

The Hermes CMS/HMS system administrator gives full control over how shipments are processed and prioritised.

The following graphic shows how the Hermes Hub Management System (HMS) setup can change the focus of a cargo handling operation: