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Hermes enhances multi-currency function for Icelandair Cargo

June 6, 2015

Hermes has enhanced it’s multi-currency function within the Accounting section of it’s air cargo management system in response to a request from Icelandair Cargo.

Bertel Olafsson, IT Manager at Icelandair Cargo says, “The multi-currency invoicing function is important because a growing number of our fresh fish exporters have been asking to do business with Icelandair Cargo in currencies other than the Icelandic krona (ISK). For the last few years, to accommodate this, invoicing in other currencies has been done manually but with more and more customers wanting this facility it was apparent that being able to do this directly through the Hermes Accounting function was going to be the answer.”

“The new multi-currency enhancements allow Icelandair Cargo to automate the charge application, currency conversion and customer invoicing for complex tariff structures, specific customer agreements and local currency precision rules to efficiently streamline their accounting function saving them a lot of time and limiting risk when manually converting specific service elements from currency A to currency B,” added Simon Elmore, Product Director Accounts at Hermes.

About Icelandair Cargo

Icelandair Cargo is an international cargo air freight company with its headquarters in Reykjavik, an office at Keflavik airport and operations in New York.

Icelandair Cargo was established in the beginning of 2000 to handle cargo operations for Icelandair. 2001 saw the opening of a new warehouse at Keflavik Airport as well as the establishment of its subsidiary, Icelandair Logistics in Liege, Belgium.

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