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Our Customers

Operation types

Our cargo technology experts work with everyone from smaller cargo handlers to airlines, airports, perishables centres, and cargo warehouses all over the world.

Global presence

Hermes’ cargo management technology is currently live with customers in more than 70 stations across 50 countries, spanning four continents.

Our solutions support stakeholders across the air cargo supply chain


HLT technology helps airports manage their cargo warehouse operations


Hermes 5 provides access to flight, ULD, and AWB data to help meet Service Level Agreement (SLA) specifications

Ground handlers

Hermes NG enables cargo and ground handlers to provide superior service thanks to oversight of key operational data

Transit Shed Operators

Cargo storage centres can manage airlines’ inventory and receive updates on Customs processes

BIACC – Brunei International Airport Cargo Centre
Cairo Airport Cargo Company
Celebi Cargo
Etihad Airport Services – Cargo
Frankfurt Cargo Services (FCS)
Icelandair Cargo
International Cargo Centre Shenzhen (ICCS)
LUG Air Cargo Handling
Perishable Center Frankfurt (PCF)
Saigon Cargo Services Corporation (SCSC)
Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo
VG Cargo

Global Presence

Hermes technology can be found in the following locations