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HLT has evolved its standard cargo and hub management system to create
the Hermes New Generation Ecosystem.

Hermes sees the core management system accompanied by additional modules from Hermes on
a pay-as-you-go, Software as a Service (SaaS) basis.

Apps currently include Business Intelligence (BI) and Datalakes, Hermes Landside Management, self-serve apps such as Track & Trace and Slot Booking, and Hermes Application Programming Interface (API).

The benefits


All products are available on a payasyougo Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which lowers entry costs for customers as well as driving their digital credentials and minimising risk. 

Cloud connectivity

We believe the cloud is the optimum way to host a cargo management system, allowing the customer to focus on running their core business instead of running a server farm.

Add your apps

Build on the H5 core Cargo Management System with a variety of apps to bring enhanced visibility and control to your operations. Read about these in detail further down this page.

Core strength

At the heart of the ecosystem is Hermes’ robust and sophisticated Cargo Management System – a product of the team’s ongoing development by the team over the last 20 years.

Modules explored

BI & Datalakes

HLT’s Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Lakes solution is part of the Software as a Service (SaaS) suite of applications that sit within the Hermes New Generation ecosystem.

The BI and Data Lakes module includes enhanced depth and breadth of data lakes and foundation reports, bringing improvements to the way the data is collected, extracted, and modelled for cargo handlers.

Customers can use a drag-and-drop function to custom-build their own dashboards to view the data they need and gain insight into key business developments in real time, with minimal effort.

Features of BI include the availability, modelling, and visualisation of complex operational, messaging, KPI, and accounting data.

Data lakes are available for operations and tonnage, SLA compliance with Cargo iQ milestones and beyond, door and truck processing, finance, warehousing, and service delivery issues, all of which are updated in real time​.

These data lakes sit within the Cloud and can be accessed easily from anywhere.

Complex data is modelled simply, with visualisations of different findings and insights, allowing users to gain a clearer understanding of their operational data to enable important business decisions to be made.

Track & Trace

The Hermes Track & Trace (T&T) app is built with both ground handler and agent in mind. 

This intuitive, easy-to-use app serves to advise agents and other partners of shipments ready for collection, helping to eliminate wasted journey time, delays, and reduce of carbon footprint. 

The Hermes T&T app also helps to reduce communication constraints between the ground handler and agents on all types of shipments in both imports and exports areas.

Companion Photo Capture

This application runs alongside the Hermes handheld application and allows warehouse staff to capture pictures during the cargo handling process. 

Photographs are often required when damaged cargo has been received. This application allows the warehouse to report directly on an AWB record, with the image data e-mailed automatically to the relevant parties, in real-time, at the point of first handling. This greatly reduces the liabilities on the ground handler and streamlines the reporting process.

Photographs can also be requested by customers for specific shipments, such as sensitive cargo. The Hermes application will instruct the warehouse when this is required, and the application will capture and transmit the data with minimal effort.

The app is available for download from the Google Play store and can be used with any android phone.

Landside Management

Our Landside Management solution works together with cargo community specialist Nallian’s solution to give the ground handler access to more data for end-to-end visibility and enhanced control across the supply chain.

With this collaboration, ground handling agents can reap the full benefits of the digitisation of landside management processes, including better control, superior functionality, and increased efficiency through better customer experience, all within the same infrastructure.


Our focus on improving efficiency and communication has led us to work on API creation and integrating our solutions with selected technology partners. 

By allowing our systems to communicate with those of other technology providers we can bring the industry the best of both our offerings.

We believe that collaboration is one of the most important areas where tech companies could deliver value and that by sharing and leveraging data, the air cargo industry can finally benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Hermes 5 already integrates with solutions including CargoEye from SpeedCargo and Cargonizer from InventGroep. Our Landside Management solution is an integration project with Nallian, joining our ecosystems together to give the ground handler access to more data for end-to-end visibility and enhanced control across the supply chain.

These collaborations together with API creation and expansion contribute hugely to communication between various systems and to data sharing, which leads to better performance for our customers, their partners, and the industry as a whole.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Let’s learn something new…  

For more information on the Hermes Learning Management System please follow the link to view our comprehensive Overview of how Hermes’ users can develop their skills and increase their knowledge of the entire system and continue with new features and functionality.

Learning Management System Overview