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The return of conference season and 2023 approaches

December 5, 2022

When thinking about the autumn of 2022 there are two elements I can identify: one is very common from a business perspective and the other is the resurrection of another.

The yearly implementation and deployments cycle is such that there are specific periods where large technology implementation projects can progress. These are directly linked to high and low seasons coupled with resource availability. The beginning of the year and the autumn are such typical periods and indeed, before the summer vacation and towards the end of summer, we saw an increase in demand to schedule such large customer involved projects.

The other, which to my surprise I learned I had missed, is the return of conference season. There are various air cargo conferences throughout the year, with two conferences in September (Air Cargo Handling & Logistics & IATA’s World Cargo Symposium) and two more in November (the TIACA Air Cargo Forum and the Ground Handling International Annual conference). Together with additional conferences around the world, and attendance in high numbers, I can certainly declare that Autumn has clearly marked the return of conferences.

Another thing we can clearly declare is that 2023 is already here. The typical end of year activities are split into the current year and year-end conclusions, as well as planning the next year. From the number of meetings and thinking about HLT’s goals for 2023 for our products, technology roadmap and business goals, it is clear that 2023 is already upon us… and it is going to be a very exciting year!

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