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Hermes partners with SPEEDCARGO to introduce real-time shipment data capture in Singapore

September 23, 2022

The integration saves time and costs by capturing dimensions and images of incoming shipments and feeding the data into Hermes’ cargo management system in real-time

London, UK, Monday 26th September 2022Hermes Logistics Technologies’ (HLT) has integrated tech partner SPEEDCARGO’s solutions into its Cargo Management System (CMS) for a ground handler at Singapore Changi Airport.

The integration between SPEEDCARGO’s CARGO EYE solution and HLT’s New Generation (NG) Ecosystem at the point of cargo acceptance will make enhanced digital information of physical cargo available within the Hermes CMS.

Key benefits of this include real-time data capture at the door, improved accuracy from elimination of manual data-entry, and reductions in labour costs owing to the digital capture, transfer, and processing of cargo.

Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hermes Logistics Technologies

“With this collaboration, the ground handlers get two best-of-breed solutions enabling them to reap the full benefits of digitalisation, including 100 percent coverage, processing speed, error prevention, and savings on costly labour,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer, HLT.

CARGO EYE captures all dimensions and images of incoming shipments in real time and seamlessly integrates this volumetric data into the Hermes cargo management system, which uses the data to facilitate cargo build-up.

The enhanced workflow enables the ground handler to digitalise physical cargo received at piece level and provide digital acceptance certificates of the cargo received.

It also enables easy re-recognition of cargo during the handling process and all this information can be made available to shippers, freight handlers, and airlines in real time.

“The integration of SPEEDCARGO’s solutions with Hermes’ CMS will make it easier for customers of Hermes and SPEEDCARGO to integrate their deployments, providing for a more digitalised environment that brings together information from the physical world with digitised documentation,” said Krishna Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, SPEEDCARGO.

“This will help them realise value through improved revenues and optimised operations.”

A planned phase two of the Hermes and SPEEDCARGO integration project will enable the CARGO MIND system to work with the Hermes CMS to optimise cargo build-up even further.

CARGO MIND is a deep-tech software solution that uses complex algorithms to plan optimal cargo space utilisation, allowing cargo handlers to help airlines carry up to 10 percent more cargo on each flight.

“It is our belief that through collaboration such as this between tech companies, sharing data, and leveraging data, we can finally benefit from real AI and deliver true value to the air cargo industry,” said Baruch.

Yuval Baruch and Hermes’ Chief Technology Officer Marcus Campbell will be on hand to discuss HLT’s latest developments at the IATA World Cargo Symposium in London, UK, this week from 27th to 29th September.

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