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Tech in 2020

January 31, 2020

E-commerce was one of the best performing sectors in 2019, and it is set to continue as one of the most important areas for growth in 2020.

As spending power increases for consumers in growing economies, and shopping habits evolve across the world, Hermes’ digital cargo management solutions help keep our customers ahead of the changes in the market in the coming year.

In 2020, we will start to see how predictive analytics can benefit companies’ supply chains from optimising operational strategies to accurately allocating space and resources to meet rises and falls in demand before they take place.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also play a more vital role in enhancing the supply chain for far smoother experiences in all cargo types by providing the right level of automation to the right people.

In anticipation of these developments and the growth of e-commerce, the Hermes product range will grow with the addition of slot management and slot booking apps set to go live later this year.

The Hermes NG Business Intelligence (BI) module, which launched last year, will be particularly valuable in taking advantage of these benefits, and its data lakes are set for additional enhancements in the coming year.

We are gearing our products to go well beyond Air Waybill (AWB) cargo traffic in order to support varying cargo types such as e-commerce, mail, and loose cargo.

Hermes 5, our core, in-warehouse product will also be receiving advanced upgrades to its Mail handling, and native mobile companion apps, and will provide full AWS as a cloud-based Service as a Solution (SaaS).

In 2020, we will see new products emerging with entirely new markets for competition as data-tools and data-sharing become standard in the industry.

The air cargo community, that has embraced digitalisation, must now start to move to the next level, where the data that we are all generating is used productively, not just for individual companies, but the industry as a whole.

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