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Etihad extends contract with Hermes Logistics Technologies to upgrade cargo management system to Hermes 5

December 18, 2019

London, UK, Monday 16th December 2019 – Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has extended its contract with Etihad Aviation Group and will begin upgrading Etihad’s Cargo Management System (CMS) to the latest version of Hermes 5 (H5).

H5 will bring usability improvements, advanced integration with external applications, and open up business intelligence capabilities, which can be used with AI and machine learning algorithms to optimise business and handling processes.

“We are delighted with the contract renewal with Etihad Aviation Group as it confirms HLT as a core strategic partner as they make major infrastructure upgrades to their hub in Abu Dhabi,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), HLT.

“H5 will provide the latest generation of data solutions to enable next level business and cargo-handling process enhancements as the hub embraces the digital revolution and upgrades its e-commerce and pharma processing facilities.”

H5 creates a cargo management ecosystem where external actors in the supply chain and third-party applications will all be able to collaborate seamlessly.

“Etihad and Hermes Logistics Technologies have been collaborating since 2015 and we welcome the latest digital solution offered by our trusted partners,” said Frank Meyer, Chief Digital Officer, Etihad Aviation Group.

“By upgrading to Hermes 5, we will have a digital solution tailored to Etihad’s needs, focusing on improving our cargo operations providing a seamless experience for our customers.”

In addition to being open to external applications, H5 also forms the core of Hermes NG, a cloud-based suite of cargo management applications that include Business Intelligence (BI), Track&Trace, and eCheckin for customised cargo management solutions.

“Our UK business analysis team joined our new development team from India on-site to complete significant upgrades to Etihad’s current CMS laying the groundwork for the H5 implementation process,” said Jacek Lechocki, Head of Product and Services, HLT.

“Hermes teams will be working closely with Etihad again to execute the next steps in the upgrade path, ensuring they reap the benefits of the latest, world-leading, CMS functionality available in H5.”

Hermes NG’s modules can be used on a pay-as-you-go basis, and as a cloud-based system, no extra IT infrastructure is required to host them, allowing for maximum flexibility and savings on capital expenditure.

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