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November Newsletter into

November 28, 2019

November Newsletter Intro

Hermes Logistics Technologies is spearheading cargo management innovation with our latest cargo management system (CMS) Hermes 5(H5).

Our partners have been upgrading to this industry-leading system across the world, and Menzies Aviation has opted to move their entire network to H5, to take advantage of its advanced connectivity, cloud functionality, and its event-based approach to data.

To read more about Menzies’ adoption of H5, click here.

Event-based data is all about seeing data as part of a larger context, which creates meaningful and shareable information that can be controlled both to protect intellectual property but also to improve performance across the supply chain.

Alex Labonne, Hermes’ Chief Technology Officer spoke at this year’s Air Cargo Handling Logistics (ACHL) conference about how event-based data is good for businesses and the whole industry, like a crystal ball…

To find out more click here.

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