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Letter from Yuval – Ambitious plans for 2023

March 29, 2023

Introduction from Yuval Baruch, CEO, Hermes Logistics Technologies

As 2023 gets underway, Hermes is primed and ready to deliver an ambitious plan for what will be an extremely busy year.

A strong focus on integration and connectivity forms the basis of Hermes’ strategy for this year, something we have already made strides towards this month by releasing our complete standard API set, supported by an aggressive roadmap to increase our API catalogue.

Our upgrade and migration team have had their hands full with many of our customers choosing to upgrade to Hermes SaaS, the latest cloud ecosystem with Hermes 5 at its core, rewarding its users with better system performance at a lower cost.

An exciting new project with Absorb is underway, with the Learning Management System (LMS) platform being contracted by HLT for the creation of the Hermes LMS.

The beta version of our LMS is set to be released by April, with version 1 going live by the end of Q2.

The LMS will serve existing customers by providing constant support to increase user proficiency, thus simplifying the onboarding of new staff and empowering more staff to use the Hermes system.

New customers would see Hermes’ LMS used to support implementations, train new customers, and enable improved upskilling of

users of all experience – from novel users to our most knowledgeable ones, known as Hermes Champions.

The Hermes LMS also serves an internal function by continuing the education of all HLT staff, as well as aiding quicker onboarding of new recruits.

HLT has contracted and partnered with worldwide cloud experts, including AWS, Mobilise, Ryltech and others, to deliver the most efficient, most advanced cloud CMS on the market.

Collaboration with these partners will continue to form an integral part of our strategy in the coming year, and we look forward to many more exciting partnerships and projects to come.

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