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Voice of Nextgen: Kedar Dhokarikar

December 5, 2022

I was interested in the field of aviation from a young age and throughout my college life, I had a keen interest in aviation industry jobs. I always used to do research on how this very vast industry works, which technologies were being used and what the current trends were. In the last year of my Btech, companies approached our college for internships. In that drive, I was selected as an intern by Hermes.

I did not have any prior knowledge in the air cargo domain before joining as an intern at Hermes. With the help of my teammates and colleagues, I learned a lot from scratch and improved my knowledge of air cargo. I came across so many new things, like cargo processes and how this vast system works.

I joined Hermes as an associate software developer in April 2022 and my current role is mostly to carry out problem-solving to resolve issues that customers are facing. I went from having no knowledge of detailed cargo processes to solving more complex issues.

One memorable experience was when a new customer development was planned and until then I hadn’t explored that specific area, so in the completion time, I learned so many things that will help me in the future, like technical knowledge as well as intrapersonal skills. I had the chance to talk with the senior cargo team and the experience was great.

Hermes gives more opportunities to young people like me to grow and develop skillsets in the right direction, which is a great thing for new college graduates as well as for their future professional careers.

My goal is to become the best software developer with expertise in cargo operations. I enjoy solving problems and improving products. In future, I see myself as a cargo operations specialist and I hope I have taken off on the right path.

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