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Hermes 5 SaaS selected by Georgi Group for German air cargo operations

Leading German logistics operator signs new contract with Hermes Logistics Technologies for its latest cloud-based cargo management system at Frankfurt and Leipzig/Halle

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has signed a contract with the Georgi Group to deliver its latest cloud-based cargo management system, Hermes 5, to the company’s two cargo handling facilities in Germany. 

Known for its road feeder services across Europe, Georgi also operates cargo handling services at Frankfurt and Leipzig/Halle airports, and specialises in handling sensitive cargo, including high-value pharmaceuticals and hazardous shipments. 

“The Georgi Group is a well-established logistics company, and we are pleased to be able to support the digitalisation of their cargo handling facilities in Germany–by opting for our Hermes 5 cloud-based solution, Georgi is preparing for future business growth and advances in technology, and future-proofing their cargo management services,” said Yuval Baruch, CEO of Hermes Logistics Technologies.

“We are ready for a quick roll-out with our new, fully-automated implementation process, and have updated our online training service–the Hermes LMS–to provide on-demand tuition in German.”

HLT is set to introduce its cloud-based Hermes 5 SaaS cargo management system (CMS) in two phases, starting with Frankfurt and supported by a new, German-language version of the Hermes Learning Management System (LMS). 

Benjamin Weil, CEO of Georgi Group said: “We were impressed by HLT’s innovative solutions and proven track record in rolling out quick, successful implementations–we have been working closely with the team to tailor a solution to meet the unique needs of our operations.” 

“Hermes 5, specifically the cloud-based CMS, gives us the flexibility we need to fit our growth strategy–we can add options later or easily scale up operations if needed.”

Hermes 5 goes live for Etihad Airport Services Cargo in Abu Dhabi

Etihad Airport Services Cargo (EASC) completes swift and successful upgrade to Hermes’ latest cargo management system–Hermes 5–with the added benefit of Business Intelligence from the Hermes Ecosystem

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has successfully upgraded Etihad Airport Services Cargo’s hub in Abu Dhabi to the latest version of its Hermes cargo management system (CMS), following a contract renewal that will also see the airline utilise the Hermes Business Intelligence add-on.

Hermes 5 is HLT’s latest function-rich cargo management system and forms the core of the Hermes Ecosystem, a suite of pay-as-you-go cargo management solutions that include Business Intelligence, Track & Trace, and a Learning Management System, among others. 

“We are pleased to see Etihad Airport Services Cargo going live with our latest Hermes 5 on-premises in Abu Dhabi. We have worked with the company since 2015, and our teams have collaborated closely on this implementation to ensure a smooth switch-over,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer of Hermes Logistics Technologies. 

“In addition to the operational efficiency and new functionality of the upgraded CMS, EASC will benefit from an enhanced version of Hermes Business Intelligence, a comprehensive dashboard reporting tool based on Hermes’ extensive data lakes. 

“The combination of these solutions will help the company with operational insight so it can make better-informed decisions.”

The HLT team worked with EASC, both on and offsite, to reduce downtime at the Abu Dhabi cargo hub during the upgrade and ensure service stability following the switchover.  

“Our upgrade to Hermes 5 has been a success, owing to the strong collaboration between Hermes Logistics Technologies and our teams,” said Naresh Ranganathan, Acting Vice President at Etihad Airport Services Cargo. 

“We were able to complete the process ahead of schedule, thereby minimising downtime for our air cargo operations and enabling us to seamlessly resume normal business operations.

“The inclusion of the Business Intelligence function will help us better understand where operational efficiencies can be made, so we can provide efficient cargo handling services at our hub for all airlines operating into Zayed International Airport.”

EASC’s contract renewal and upgrade are the latest sign-ups to Hermes 5 and the Hermes Ecosystem, reflecting the cargo handling industry’s shift towards increasing digitalisation.

Recent commitments will see Hermes’ newest technology deployed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Cairo International Airport and a number of Portuguese airports. 

The Hermes Business Intelligence add-on is scheduled to go live with Etihad Airport Services Cargo in June 2024.

Hermes appoints new Chief Technology Officer to drive cloud-based SaaS development

Software development expert Andrew Knott to lead Hermes Logistics Technologies’ tech development, with a focus on cloud-native software as a service

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has appointed Andrew Knott as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO), with a view to driving rapid application development and maximising software automation in the cloud. 

Knott brings more than 25 years of experience in tech and software development to HLT, most of which has been in travel and aviation, including building cloud-native SaaS platforms for private aviation, as well as complex, large-scale travel platforms.

“Andrew is a seasoned CTO and brings a wealth of experience to our team, particularly in leveraging the latest cloud-based technologies for the benefit of our customers,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer, Hermes Logistics Technologies.

“He has built SaaS products from scratch and has been delivering complex software products as native cloud solutions for ten years, so he is well placed to drive the continuous development of our cloud-based SaaS solutions at Hermes.”

The father-of-one has worked at CTO-level for 15 years, delivering high-capacity, reliable and secure applications for the airline industry, and has experience in machine learning and AI, building large language model (LLM)-based products in technical support applications.

“The Hermes core application is impressive, quickly adaptable, feature-rich and able to fit the many different and complex requirements of customers around the world, putting Hermes in a strong position for growth,” said Andrew Knott, CTO, Hermes Logistics Technologies. 

“The Hermes SaaS product represents a huge opportunity to drive digitalisation in the air cargo industry, and when we combine that with the flexibility and efficiency of cloud hosting, the potential gains for customers are vast.”

Andrew will lead HLT’s strategy to develop the Hermes Ecosystem and increase digitalisation in the air cargo industry through API integration. 

As CTO he will also support the company’s work to roll out fast, resilient, and secure implementations and upgrades to the latest Hermes cargo management system (CMS) through automation. 

As a leading provider of cargo management technology, HLT is focused on developing cost-effective, future-proof tech solutions that drive operational efficiency for cargo handlers. 

Hermes SaaS Ecosystem selected by CACC Cargolinx for Cairo air cargo management operations

A new, five-year agreement will drive operational efficiency for the leading Egyptian cargo service provider as it moves to the Hermes SaaS Ecosystem – the latest cloud-based cargo management system from Hermes Logistics Technologies

Hermes Logistics Technologies’ (HLT) latest cloud-based Hermes SaaS Ecosystem is set to roll out across CACC Cargolinx’s operations at Cairo International Airport in time for summer 2024.

Following a successful 12-year collaboration with HLT, the new agreement will see the cargo-specialised ground handler upgrade its cargo management system by migrating to Hermes 5 SaaS.

In addition, CACC Cargolinx will benefit from several integrations and solutions from the Hermes pay-as-you-go Ecosystem, designed to drive further efficiencies for the company – Hermes Business Intelligence, Hermes Track & Trace and Hermes Integration (API). 

“We have undertaken a very thorough scoping study with CACC Cargolinx, deploying our air cargo experts to uncover not only the company’s existing requirements but also those expected in the future, and we have tailored our solution, ensuring it is future-proofed,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), HLT.

“This project demonstrates our commitment to collaborating with our customers and our detailed approach to SaaS migrations, particularly when it comes to factoring in future innovation – it all comes down to delivering greater operational efficiency that will support business growth for the longest possible term.”

HLT has worked closely with CACC Cargolinx to assess the business’ requirements and deliver a tailored, future-proofed solution for the organisation.

The upgrade will see the company further digitalise its evolving operating environment, address all existing process gaps, and implement best-practice approaches to address anticipated future needs for its operations in Cairo and beyond.

The commitment from CACC Cargolinx is the latest in a series of confirmed migrations to Hermes 5 SaaS, as the technology provider rolls out its latest CMS and its Ecosystem of cargo management solutions across the globe.  

“CACC Cargolinx is committed to delivering advanced logistics operations at Cairo International Airport, and our investment in the Hermes Ecosystem represents a significant step forward in our digitalisation roadmap, said Ahmed Fahmy, Chief Technology Officer, CACC Cargolinx.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the most efficient and reliable cargo handling services possible, and the Hermes Ecosystem will empower us to achieve that goal and further solidify our position as a leader in the air cargo handling industry.

“HLT’s cloud-based SaaS ecosystem will allow us to drive even greater efficiencies for our airline customers both here in Cairo and beyond. The end-to-end solution integrates easily with both our existing and planned systems and we expect the Business Intelligence add-on to provide a more robust foundation for us to take another step forward with our predictive capacities on operational and commercial matters.”Hermes 5 SaaS brings HLT’s latest function-rich cargo management system into the cloud and provides access to the rest of HLT’s Ecosystem of cargo management solutions, including API (application programming interface) capabilities, apps for Business Intelligence, Track & Trace, and a Learning Management System.

Hermes to implement digitalised warehouse for dnata at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The new warehouse, Freight Building 17, is poised to transform the landscape of freight handling at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, following extensive enhancements by the cargo software provider

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has been awarded the contract by air services provider dnata to digitalise cargo handling processes in a new warehouse the latter is creating, Freight Building 17 (FB17).

Located within dnata’s Cargo City at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, HLT is collaborating with logistics systems supplier Lödige Industries (Lödige) to pioneer the fully automated cargo centre, following a multi-million-euro investment by dnata. 

FB17 will see the implementation of HLT’s latest cloud-based cargo management system, the Hermes Software as a Service (SaaS) Ecosystem, which will enable unparalleled operational efficiency, improved oversight, and greater control over all ground handling processes. 

“This project is a true testament to what can be achieved once the air cargo industry embraces digitalisation, and the creation of FB17 should herald a new age of warehouse innovation,” said Yuval Baruch, CEO, HLT.  

“The final integrated solution demanded complicated design, and is the result of strong collaboration and careful planning between HLT, Lödige, and dnata, representing a crucial step toward adapting to the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.”  

HLT has ensured communication between its cargo management system and Lödige’s warehouse management system is watertight to handle the large volume of data and information generated, which dnata’s operations will share at an unprecedented speed.  

“Our extensive development has resulted in an extremely sophisticated digital solution, which will enable dnata to meet more stringent Service Level Agreements related to efficiency,” added Baruch. 

HLT has a long-standing relationship with dnata The Netherlands, serving the Amsterdam terminal since 2010. 

HLT’s proven track record with dnata and this agreement demonstrate the air services provider’s confidence in the HLT systems and a commitment to driving efficiency through technology.

“Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of Europe’s best-connected airports, meaning it requires a highly efficient cargo operation,” said Jan van Anrooy, Managing Director, dnata The Netherlands.

“Our collaboration with Hermes Logistics Technologies and Lödige will enable us to meet rapidly growing demand for structured and reliable services, setting a new industry standard in innovation.”

The Hermes SaaS Ecosystem will streamline the management of dnata’s cargo import, export, and transit processes from end to end, including physical cargo handling, documentation, special product governance, security, mail, messaging, revenue accounting, and business intelligence.  

This allows the handler to build up and break down cargo in real time, perform more efficient mail handling with less data input, and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. 

Besides Amsterdam, HLT currently provides cargo management solutions to dnata in Australia, Belgium, and Singapore.  

HLT has completed first-stage integration testing for FB17, and the solution is expected to be live at the end of this year.

Hermes activates latest SaaS product through new, fully automated implementation process

Automated Software as a Service installation process delivers optimum efficiency and uniformity across ground handler Groundforce Portugal’s entire cargo operation 

Hermes Logistics Technologies’ (HLT) latest cloud-based cargo management system, Hermes 5 Software as a Service (SaaS), is now live across all Groundforce Portugal’s cargo stations at Lisbon, Porto, and Funchal, following a fully automated implementation process.  

HLT invested in months of technological installation, configuration, and activation development to ensure its SaaS software was delivered entirely by automated coding and scripts.  Hence, it negates the need for manual intervention and brings incredible efficiency and uniformity to the implementation process. 

“Migrating Groundforce Portugal from a legacy, on-site solution to our latest H5 managed service,demonstrates HLT’s unwavering drive to embrace technology which will enhance its products and services,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer, HLT.

“Leveraging the latest automated platform deployment and management techniques enabled us to complete the migration very quickly, and the entire process demonstrates our commitment to working closely with our customers to deliver greater operational efficiency and business growth.”  

Through its managed service, HLT now maintains and monitors the ground handler’s servers, managing software updates, performing regular security audits, and recognising and actively solving any issues before they arise.  

The fully automated installation ensures unparalleled scalability, allowing Hermes 5 SaaS to be deployed across further stations easily, efficiently, and uniformly when required by the ground handler, as it continues to scale its digital operations.  

Hermes 5 SaaS brings HLT’s latest function rich cargo management system into the cloud and provides access to the rest of HLT’s Ecosystem of cargo management solutions, including API capabilities, apps for Business Intelligence, Track & Trace, and the Learning Management System.  

The go-live represents the continuation of a series of successful migrations to Hermes 5 SaaS, as the technology provider rolls out its latest CMS and Ecosystem of cargo management solutions across Europe.  

Hermes migrates dnata Amsterdam to SAAS Managed Service to drive greater efficiency 

The next instalment in a series of Hermes SaaS cloud upgrades will increase the speed, volume, and accuracy of cargo processing for the ground handler’s two terminals at Amsterdam Airport  


London, UK, Monday 30th October: Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) is set to migrate dnata Amsterdam to its latest cloud-based cargo management system, Hermes 5 Software as a Service (SaaS), enabling greater control, increased operational efficiency, and improved oversight at the ground handler’s two terminals at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS).  

Amsterdam airport is one of dnata’s largest stations, having processed more than 650,000 tonnes of cargo last year. 

The migration, which brings the existing functionality of HLT’s latest cargo management system into a cloud-based, fully managed service, is the first milestone in a larger implementation project between dnata and HLT. 
“Our latest software, Hermes 5 SaaS, is our most function rich cargo management system to date, helping to streamline workflows, provide greater transparency, and improve data sharing across dnata’s operations in Amsterdam,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer, HLT.    

“This migration further strengthens HLT’s presence and expertise within Europe as we continue to push for digitalisation across the global air cargo industry.” 
Hermes 5 SaaS will streamline the management of the ground handler’s cargo import, export, and transit processes from end to end, with the additional benefit of allowing HLT to provide a fully managed and supported service through the migration to a cloud solution.   
This allows dnata AMS to focus on their core business of processing cargo, whilst HLT takes care of the complexity of managing and maintaining the ground handler’s servers and applications, saving both time and money and allowing dnata to elevate their levels of customer service.  

Key benefits include enhanced security, improved messaging capabilities to match the fast-paced requirements of the aviation industry, and access to HLT’s full Ecosystem, a collection of applications including Business Intelligence and Data Lakes, Track and Trace, and Landside Management.   

 The AMS upgrade represents the continuation of a series of successful migrations to Hermes 5 SaaS across Europe, with dnata NV, the dnata terminal at Brussels Airport (BRU), to follow in the new year.  

Hermes grows team to support rapid development of Cargo Management Ecosystem

Industry expert Stuart Piper will drive the implementation of the most complete and mature iteration of the Hermes ecosystem to date

London, UK, Thursday 14th September 2023: Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has appointed Stuart Piper as Global Sales Director to spearhead the launch of new developments in the Hermes Ecosystem of cargo management solutions, marking a period of accelerated growth for the company.

Piper brings 27 years of software & solutions experience to HLT, having previously held commercial roles at IBM, SAP, and Samsung.

“As our ecosystem continues to develop, we have needed to expand our team in order to match this growth, and Stuart represents a tremendous asset to our team given his impressive knowledge of cloud solutions, automation and artificial intelligence,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer, Hermes Logistics Technologies.

“We have completed all the necessary research and development to deliver our most comprehensive and robust managed service to date, and Stuart will be integral to driving uptake across our global customer base.”

HLT’s mission to provide cargo management solutions that facilitate absolute efficiency and a streamlined experience for its users has been clearly demonstrated in the most recent addition to its ecosystem, the Hermes Integration module.

This module allows third-party systems to interact with the Hermes SaaS ecosystem in a stable, future-proof form, enabling users to connect disparate systems into one place to ensure a seamless workflow can be achieved.

A new tool focussing on training Hermes users across their entire operations will be officially launched at the Air Cargo Handling & Logistics (ACHL) conference next week.

“Digitalisation is at the forefront of the air cargo industry, especially as ground handlers are increasingly expected to reach higher levels of efficiency, which can only be achieved by leveraging cloud, data, integration and automation technologies,” said Piper.

“In my new role I look forward to using my knowledge of the market to help Hermes users maximise their interaction with the Hermes Ecosystem, including introducing them to the substantial benefits afforded by its newest developments.”

Stuart Piper will join Yuval Baruch to meet industry colleagues at ACHL from the 20th to the 22nd of September in Athens.

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