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Voice of NextGen

June 25, 2022

Maja Holda, Junior Product Specialist, HLT

I am a Junior Product Specialist, mostly focused on exports, and I started my adventure with Hermes in January 2021. I have always liked computers, but I was interested in travel and logistics from young age, too, and worked at Heathrow Airport for three years before joining Hermes.

Before I came here, I had never worked in a warehouse environment before, so not only did I have to learn how the system works, but also how the processes would work in real life. I also joined Hermes with no knowledge on air cargo and processes used.

Since then, I have learned a lot from my colleagues and interacting with customers through the support system. The job with Hermes has allowed me to improve my knowledge of both air cargo and IT, and in my opinion, Hermes gives young talent opportunities to grow and put their ideas in place.

I have learned a lot in a past 17 months. My role mostly consists of day-to-day support, but for the last few months I have tried to get more involved with projects. I recently visited our customer site in Singapore to see the operation and help with preparations before the go-live, and that experience enabled me to not only see the warehouse operation in real life but also Hermes’ technology being used. I really enjoyed the experience there; we had to be able to fix issues in a fast-paced environment, making sure that the operation ran as smoothly as possible during the transition.

I know I still have lot to learn when it comes to Hermes and processes used, but in the future, I would like to be a Product Specialist, where I can make sure that customers receive the support they need. I hope I would be able to get more involved in projects, where I can visit customer sites and provide them with solutions that are best for them and make their work easier and more efficient. There is currently a lack of female representation in the air cargo and IT sectors, but I hope this will change over time and women will be more visible in a male-orientated environment.

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