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Voice of Nextgen: Rohit Bhadbhade

June 22, 2023

After completing my education in Computer Engineering, I got my first breakthrough in the e-commerce domain as a software developer working on Python and SQL.

Mostly I was involved with the Operations team which gave me a chance to explore various warehouses involved in the supply chain in Delhi and Mumbai. This is where I first came in contact with the Supply Chain Management industry. 

I joined Hermes as Associate Software Engineer in Dec 2018. The previous warehouse experience helped me a lot to co-relate to the air cargo domain. I started with developments in the system and switched to the Hermes reporting tool. In July 2021, I switched my role to a Junior Product Specialist and was responsible for resolving customer issues, which allowed me to interact with customers directly and helped me enhance my knowledge by knowing the customer’s live issues. 

To give us clarity on the real-time work at the warehouse at an airport, we were given a warehouse tour of the GMR Hyderabad. That was a great experience and an amazing opportunity for me to understand the air cargo world with a closer lens.

At Hermes we endeavour to provide our customers with the best solution, and we keep evolving our technology. As a result, I explored Power Business Intelligence as a reporting tool for our customers’ reporting requirements. This passion for constant learning and upgrading myself within the IT industry and air cargo domain keeps me motivated. 

I am looking forward to my career with Hermes, it is a vast application with different functionality, and I would like to learn and nurture along with it. I will keep learning new technologies that evolve in the coming future and I would like to move up the ladder myself to more senior roles where I can handle more responsibilities and explore my potential to its best.

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