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Voice of Nextgen: Carlos Bernal

September 27, 2023

“Technology has always been a passion of mine and I have always tinkered with hardware, which inevitably led me to tinker with software. After all, what could be more amusing than experimenting with software, knowing that “Ctrl+Z”, or more realistically Git, is there to rescue you? While software development is more complicated than an undo command, here I’ll focus on my journey to the role of Junior Developer at Hermes Logistics Technologies.

I studied Software Engineering in Madrid and completed a 10-month internship in a local telecommunications company. Later I joined a small company in Madrid, and after a couple of years of working with on-premises bespoke applications, I moved roles and joined Hermes in early 2021.

At Hermes, I get to work daily with cloud native technologies and learn about the cargo industry. Every week on the New Technologies team, we overcome different challenges which bring us the opportunity to grow as we develop our new cloud event-driven architecture.

Transitioning from working on an on-premises environment to a cloud native environment has been at times challenging, but at the same time it has also allowed me to take my career to the next step.

Working for Hermes and particularly in the New Technologies Team has given me the chance to work on newly developed applications and, even as a Junior Developer, to contribute to some of the design decisions of these applications. 

Looking ahead, I am eager to continue my journey in cloud computing and expand my expertise so I can take on more significant responsibilities in my journey to become a fully-fledged Software Engineer.”

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