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Phase one of Hermes 5 implementation completed at Luxembourg airport

January 9, 2019

The system will provide operational enhancements and data analysis to one of the world’s busiest cargo hubs

London, United Kingdom, Tuesday, 8th June 2019 – The first phase of the implementation of Hermes 5 (H5) Cargo Management System (CMS) has been successfully completed at Luxembourg Airport.

The H5 system was customised for LuxairCARGO, one of the largest ground handlers in the world, that processes a yearly total of one million tonnes of air freight.

Luxembourg Airport’s central location in Europe means that it plays a vital role in trucking routes across the continent, and the custom version of H5 implemented at Luxembourg Airport provides advanced trucking functionality.

The upgraded version of H5 also includes features such as a new Customs interface, designed to help speed up cross-border Customs clearance, as well as real-time tracking functionality and data analysis, which reduces delays and backlogs.

The new version of H5, which will be fully implemented by mid 2019, also consolidates Customs documents for one inbound shipment, increasing administrative and cargo processing efficiency.

“For one inbound flight to Luxembourg Airport, there can be as many as 20 different trucks which transport its payload onto the next leg of its journey,” said Laurent Jossart, Executive Vice-President, LuxairCARGO.

“This tailored version of H5 will help LuxairCARGO to handle one million tonnes of airfreight cargo a year and save significantly on time and costs.”

H5 is the latest version of the Hermes cargo management application offering the latest best-of-breed functionality, a contemporary user interface / user experience delivered through a robust Cloud infrastructure.

The H5 CMS provides further flexibility in key areas in both management and operations, improving service management, revenue accounting, automation of processes, and avoiding Service Level Agreement (SLA) failures.

“We successfully migrated to the Hermes 5 Cargo System in October 2018,” said Jossart.

“Hermes 5 not only provides the level of automation we require, but also guarantees the possibility to interface with all our other existing operational systems.

“Hermes has also allowed us to enhance our quality and has contributed to a standardisation of our processes.

“During the implementation, the Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) team of cargo and technical experts provided on-site support to LuxairCARGO, which meant the system went live successfully and in very good timing.”

H5, which is being rolled out globally, also has software as a service (SaaS) implementation capable of running within any Cloud Service, allowing the Hermes framework to seamlessly integrate with any internet enabled devices.

Hermes commenced the global rollout of H5 earlier in 2018 with the implementation of its CMS at ALS Cargo Terminal Co, Ltd at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi (HAN), Vietnam followed by UASL (Ultramar Group) at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCL) in Santiago, Chile, GMR Group at Hyderabad International airport (HYD) in Hyderabad, India, and most recently with RSA National at Dubai Air Cargo Terminal (DXB), Dubai.

About Hermes Logistics Technologies Ltd.

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) is a provider of Cargo Management Systems to the air cargo industry. Its core application suite includes Hermes CMS (Cargo Management System), Hermes HMS (Hub Management System) and HBI (Hermes Business Intelligence).

Hermes CMS manages all import, export, messaging, service monitoring and accounting processes for traditional cargo ground handling agents. Hermes HMS steers all inbound, outbound, messaging, SLA and accounting processes for airline hubs or transit shed operators. HBI is a comprehensive big data analytical tool, enabling informed management and operational decisions.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, HLT has been pioneering, developing and evolving cargo management systems for air cargo since 2002.

All HLT applications are designed and driven by the HLT team of air cargo experts. Built with the specific requirements of air cargo handlers and airlines in mind, HLT products streamline cargo ground handling processes and maximise profits by using inbuilt best practice to reduce handling and operational errors.

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