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Voice of NextGen – Celma Guedes 

When I embarked on my adventure with Hermes, I brought four years of logistics experience, overseeing warehouse operations, managing import processes, and working as the end user for customs entries’ software. Throughout this journey, we navigated numerous software changes to optimise efficiency, constantly seeking the best solutions for our requirements. The remarkable process of reporting user-system interfaces to relevant teams and witnessing their customisation efforts was truly outstanding. I interpreted this newfound interest as a compelling signal to delve deeper in this direction, leading me to transition from a software end user to gaining a first-hand understanding of backend operations. 

I was hired as a Junior Business Analyst and Product Specialist within the Accounts Department. Having recently completed six months since joining in May 2023, the journey has been both challenging and busy, yet remarkably rewarding. Despite my non-technical background, the support of colleagues across diverse areas of expertise, along with dedicated product trainers and training materials, has proven invaluable. Thus far, I’ve acquired proficiency in navigating the system’s functionalities, empowering me to effectively address live issues and scenarios for our customers. As I continue to grow, I find myself increasingly self-sufficient in handling less complex issues, all while undergoing training to tackle more intricate scenarios. Armed with this knowledge, I’ve contributed by developing Accounts training content for our Learning Management System (LMS). 

I have been actively shadowing our accounts supervisor, immersing myself in the complexities of daily responsibilities, addressing more complex tickets, and participating in external calls with customers. Acknowledging the importance of managing extensive databases daily, I have taken the chance to undergo training in a programming language software (SQL). 

After having intentionally tried to penetrate the industry for a few months, coming from a non-technical background, I was able to see how the IT industry is not so much of an easy bubble to break into, even with the requisite qualifications. To me, Hermes stands out as an organisation committed to accepting new talent and offering opportunities to aspiring professionals seeking growth and a place in the industry. The company’s commitment to embracing emerging talent appeals to individuals like myself seeking to make a meaningful entry into the technology-driven logistics industry. 

At present, I am dedicated to reaching a higher level of expertise and confidence within my role, striving to operate at the best of my capabilities. In this pursuit, I am proactively enhancing my skill set to contribute greater value to the company. This involves undertaking more intricate responsibilities and engaging in the direct training of customers, both in remote and in-person settings. 

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