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New solution enhances flight planning operations

November 1, 2021

Hermes has developed a new user interface for its import flight planner to provide customers with a streamlined view of more operational data in fewer steps.

The new Import Flight Handling Solution combines data and functionality from previously separate Pre-Flight and Flight Monitors, enabling users to view all their data on one screen, without opening separate windows.

Users can view air waybill (AWB) and unit load device (ULD) data simultaneously, and can filter by flight, ULD, and AWB data in order to view and work on relevant items only.

“The key aspect of the change is simplicity,” said James Plested, Product Manager, HLT.

“Our aim was to provide the user with as much detail as possible whilst reducing the number of interactions required to view and manage the data.

“The result is a drastically improved ability to prepare and monitor complex flight data, allowing users to work, review, and complete tasks far quicker than before.”

The upgrade was made possible by the enhanced capabilities of the Hermes 5 Cargo Management System, which provides more screen space on which to display more data.

The solution aims to address customers’ ever-growing workloads and leaner workforces, along with the need to comply with stricter Service Level Agreements.

“Providing key operational data to users is fundamental and our new Import Flight Handling Solution allows us the opportunity to not only provide more data than ever before to the user but to do so using fewer steps and a more integrated approach,” said James.

In an ever-changing world of increased data and higher customer expectations, user experience is of utmost importance. With its new Import Flight Handling Solution Hermes’ is driving its strategy to support industry best practice by bringing the user more control over the data, while reducing the time spent on data input.

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