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Letter from Yuval – Plans for 2022 

February 25, 2022

As 2022 gets into its stride, Hermes remains focused on bringing digitalisation to the air cargo and logistics sectors, to improve efficiency and communication for stakeholders.

Efforts to migrate our customers over to Hermes SaaS have been gaining ground and we have been investing in the migration of customers to our NG cloud eco-system, enabling them to focus on running their business rather than running a server farm and bringing them better system performance at a lower cost.

We have now completed our NG Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Lakes version 2 and have started rolling out our state-of-the-art BI solution. The incredible modelling behind NG BI and the simple and friendly way that data  –turned —into– events can be analysed will enable our customers to have a better understanding of their business and better decision making that will bring operational efficiencies. In the last few months, we have integrated Hermes 5 with a few solutions: CargoEye from SpeedCargo and Cargonizer from InventGroup to name a couple. In the last quarter of 2021, we started an integration project for a comprehensive NG Landside Management solution powered by Nallian. These collaborations and API creation and expansion contribute hugely to communication between various systems and to data sharing, and ultimately lead to better performance for our customers, but also for their partners and the industry.

New and emerging technologies will play a massive role in any change and improvement in the industry, and it is our belief that through collaboration between tech companies and sharing and leveraging data, we can finally benefit from real Artificial Intelligence. The development of our new NG BI & Data Lakes V2 and the reporting capabilities offered by this solution are an important first step towards the required modelling to enable true AI value, and we look forward to building on this success in the future.

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