Hermes continues leadership team expansion with new Senior product Manager

Hermes bolsters tech expertise with two senior leadership appointments

The global logistics tech provider continues its 2022 recruitment drive with the appointment of a head of service delivery and head of project management to its senior management team

London, UK, Thursday 7th July 2022Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has appointed Helen Arrowsmith as Senior Project Manager and Abhijeet Misra as Service Delivery Manager, to strengthen its senior leadership team as part of an ambitious growth strategy.

With these appointments, HLT is fulfilling its objective to further enhance the team with a balance of IT domain expertise paired with extensive air cargo industry experience.

Joining the UK office to head up the project management team, Helen Arrowsmith brings an extensive background in the IT sector in business operations and project management roles, including 13 years at Cisco, managing diverse projects, events, and product launches.

Helen Arrowsmith, Senior Project Manager, Hermes Logistics Technologies

“I have always had an interest in the airline industry and since Covid this industry has seen many changes,” said Arrowsmith.

“I am excited to have joined the team at Hermes Logistics Technologies and look forward to driving projects to deliver the Hermes solution to our customers.”

Abhijeet Misra joins as the new head of service delivery, responsible for managing HLT’s New Delhi office.

Misra brings 17 years’ experience in the IT service industry to the position, having spent the previous three years in service delivery and operations as Senior Delivery Manager at Orange Business Services.

In his previous role, Misra was accountable for complete Cloud Infrastructure Services for clients, focused on client satisfaction as well as managing projects and the implementation team, resolving reliability and capacity issues, release management, and tracking service metrics.

Abhijeet Misra, Service Delivery Manager, Hermes Logistics Technologies

“I am learning from the best in the logistics industry, gaining an understanding of this complex and valuable industry, and have been enjoying expanding my knowledge,” said Misra.

“What brought me to the cargo world is its fast growth and I anticipate that this sector will continue to grow in the coming years.”

Working with the Product and Technical teams, Misra will be looking at HLT helpdesk processes, Services Level Agreements, and documented procedures to allow HLT to support customers in a structured, seamless way.

HLT continues to drive the expansion of its global workforce and has significantly increased the size of its team in the last five years across its offices in the UK, Israel, and India, in line with its strategy for international growth.

Letter from Yuval – Plans for 2022 

Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hermes Logistics Technologies

As 2022 gets into its stride, Hermes remains focused on bringing digitalisation to the air cargo and logistics sectors, to improve efficiency and communication for stakeholders.

Efforts to migrate our customers over to Hermes SaaS have been gaining ground and we have been investing in the migration of customers to our NG cloud eco-system, enabling them to focus on running their business rather than running a server farm and bringing them better system performance at a lower cost.

We have now completed our NG Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Lakes version 2 and have started rolling out our state-of-the-art BI solution. The incredible modelling behind NG BI and the simple and friendly way that data  –turned into events can be analysed will enable our customers to have a better understanding of their business and better decision making that will bring operational efficiencies. In the last few months, we have integrated Hermes 5 with a few solutions: CargoEye from SpeedCargo and Cargonizer from InventGroup to name a couple. In the last quarter of 2021, we started an integration project for a comprehensive NG Landside Management solution powered by Nallian. These collaborations and API creation and expansion contribute hugely to communication between various systems and to data sharing, and ultimately lead to better performance for our customers, but also for their partners and the industry.

New and emerging technologies will play a massive role in any change and improvement in the industry, and it is our belief that through collaboration between tech companies and sharing and leveraging data, we can finally benefit from real Artificial Intelligence. The development of our new NG BI & Data Lakes V2 and the reporting capabilities offered by this solution are an important first step towards the required modelling to enable true AI value, and we look forward to building on this success in the future.

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The Voice of NextGen

Maninder Dhaliwal, Junior Product Specialist, Hermes Logistics Technologies

Maninder Dhaliwal, Junior Product Specialist, Hermes Logistics Technologies

Maninder Dhaliwal, Junior Product Specialist, Hermes Logistics Technologies

I have always been interested in tech. Consoles and computers were what I grew up with. My professional experience in tech started when I was working at a start-up that dealt with business continuity. We produced solutions for their servers and data, and also created business intelligence reports for our clients on Power BI and Tableau. 

I started as a Junior Product Specialist at Hermes in January last year. My current role is mostly to do with problem solving – I help solve issues that customers may have using Hermes’ software. I went from knowing nothing about Hermes to having a good deal of knowledge and knowing how to fix a variety of issues. I am now in a position where I can propose and design new features for Hermes solutions. 

One particularly memorable experience occurred during my first few months working at Hermes. It was a customer support request that really had me stumped for weeks. It seems that I had not been looking at the right settings. Once I finally figured out what was happening and was able to resolve the issue, it blew my mind to realise the size and sophistication of the Hermes technology. There were so many more settings than I had realised to configure and explore for this issue.

Hermes gives new and young talent the opportunity to own projects. There is room for growth in terms of developing your skillset, which has been great for me and for my professional development.

Looking to the future, I think I would like to be a Product or Business Analyst. I enjoy improving upon products and processes, and also handing over deliverables. Customers sometimes ask for ad-hoc projects to put a feature into the system that isn’t already there. Working on these is the best part of the job for me. Knowing that I’ve created something that works, is efficient and meets customers’ requirements gives me a sense of accomplishment. 

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Hermes launches version 2 of NG BI & Data Lakes product

NG BI V2 tonnage dashboard

Screengrab of an example Hermes NG BI dashboard displaying cargo tonnage data

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) is bringing users easy access to better business intelligence and enhanced reporting capabilities with a new version of its Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Lakes solution.

HLT’s BI and Data Lakes solution is part of Hermes’ New Generation (NG) ecosystem, which comprises several cloud-based software products, including Hermes 5 Cloud CMS, HMS, and Hermes NG BI and Data Lakes, alongside self-serve apps like Track & Trace and Slot Booking.

Recent upgrades to the Hermes NG BI and Data Lakes module include enhanced depth and breadth of data lakes and newly defined foundation reports, bringing improvements to the way the data is collected, extracted, and modelled for data-driven cargo handlers.

“In version two of the Hermes NG BI and Data Lakes solution we have greatly increased the depth of our pre-modelled data, enabling customers to use a drag-and-drop function to custom-build their own dashboards,” says Simon Elmore, Chief Operations Officer (COO), HLT. 

It is incredibly satisfying to see NG BI providing deep insight into key business problems in real time and with minimal effort from the customer. 

“With this product, Hermes is offering the best data lake BI solution on the market.”

The primary features of NG BI version two include the availability, modelling, and visualisation of complex operational, messaging, KPI, and accounting data.

Deep data lakes have already been created for operations and tonnage, SLA compliance (with Cargo iQ milestones and beyond), door and truck processing, finance, warehousing, and service delivery issues, all of which are hydrated in real time.

These data lakes sit within the cloud and can be accessed easily from anywhere through a simple account name and connection key, while the independently hosted app is encrypted to guarantee security. 

The data lakes are defined for human consumption, ensuring that complex data are modelled simply, including visualisations of different findings and insights.

As a result, users can hope to gain a clearer understanding of their operational data, which will enable important business decisions to be made.

“When trying to train models for predictive purposes, we found the data modelling was not at the level needed for these models to deliver true value,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), HLT.

“The reporting capabilities of this solution is the first step towards the required modelling to enable the true value of artificial intelligence to be realised.“The incredible modelling behind NG BI and the simple and friendly way that data-turned-into-events can be analysed will enable our customers to have a better understanding of their business and to improve decision making that will lead to operational efficiencies.” 

HLT’s NG BI version two is soon to go live with several customers at key cargo hubs, as the solutions provider reaffirms its commitment to bringing all customers to the cloud in 2022. 


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