Air Cargo Services of Vietnam go live with Hermes in Hanoi

Hanoi, the bustling capital city of Vietnam is fast becoming a world hub for electronics R&D and manufacturing companies. Quick, secure air cargo handling plays a key role in the global footprint and product delivery of these electronics innovators and thus we are extremely happy to have recently implemented our market leading Hermes Cargo Management System at ACSV.

“We are confident that the installation of Hermes will revolutionise our cargo handling operations, empower ACSV with deeper integration of cargo management and documentation which will boost ACSV’s reputation and improve services beyond our customers’ expectations”, said Mr. Vuong Thanh Binh – CEO of ACSV.

Hermes Logistics Technologies Chief Operating Officer, Simon Elmore added, “The need for super-fast, super-safe and super- quality handling is of paramount importance to the growing air cargo handling market in Hanoi. Hermes’ high level of user configuration, process monitoring and integrated warehouse controls made it an ideal fit for ACSV’s opera􏰀on. ACSV are already successfully processing cargo-packed Boeing 747 freighters with efficiency and accuracy and the controlled rollout of their handled airlines will continue in the coming weeks.”

About Air Cargo Services Vietnam

Founded in April 2009 as a subsidiary of Northern Airports Corpora􏰀on (NAC), Air Cargo Services Co., LTD (ACS) initially was a state-owned company specializing in providing cargo handling services at Ha Noi station. In 2015, ACS has been privatised under the name of Air Cargo Services of Vietnam JSC., (ACSV) with the aim to boos􏰀ng the infrastructure of the cargo terminal, improving services quality and expanding the service network.

For its 8 years of operations, ACSV has handled cargo for over 20 airlines with various types of shipments including general cargo, frozen shipments, live animals, express shipments, perishable cargo, over-sized cargo and dangerous goods. The throughput of ACSV reached the milestone of 100,000 tons in 2015. With ambitious development plans in coming years, the company is positioning itself as the leading cargo handler at HAN station.

ACSV choose Hermes to run Hanoi warehouse

We are delighted to announce that Air Cargo Services of Vietnam (ACSV) have chosen the Hermes air cargo management system to run their warehouse in Hanoi.

Mr. Pham Duc Long, Chairman of ACSV said: “The installation of the Hermes Cargo Management System is evidence of ACSV’s ambitious development plan in the coming year. The system, with various modern functions, will really revolutionise our cargo handling operations on a daily basis, allowing ACSV to offer better services to all our customers from Airlines, Forwarders and to individuals.”

Hermes Chief Operating Officer, Simon Elmore added, “Hermes was designed by our team of cargo experts and is proven to increase efficiency , reduce operational costs and provide dependable “Cargo Data” to analyse business trends accurately. We are delighted that ACSV have chosen Hermes and are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with them.”

About Air Cargo Services Vietnam

Founded in April 2009 as a subsidiary of Northern Airports Corpora􏰀on (NAC), Air Cargo Services Co., LTD (ACS) initially was a state-owned company specializing in providing cargo handling services at Ha Noi station. In 2015, ACS has been privatised under the name of Air Cargo Services of Vietnam JSC., (ACSV) with the aim to boos􏰀ng the infrastructure of the cargo terminal, improving services quality and expanding the service network.

For its 8 years of operations, ACSV has handled cargo for over 20 airlines with various types of shipments including general cargo, frozen shipments, live animals, express shipments, perishable cargo, over-sized cargo and dangerous goods. The throughput of ACSV reached the milestone of 100,000 tons in 2015. With ambitious development plans in coming years, the company is positioning itself as the leading cargo handler at HAN station.


Hermes successfully handles freighter turnaround within hours of go-live at CACC

Hermes is delighted to announce that the Cairo Airport Cargo Company (CACC) has now gone live with the Hermes air cargo management system.

This switch over is the first stage of a two stage project which will also see Hermes installed into CACC’s new state- of-the-art terminal currently under construction.

The installation of Hermes is a significant step for CACC. Their new facility is part of a project, named “Cairo Cargo City” which will eventually include three main terminals: Import, Export and Express which have been designed to guarantee smooth and speedy operational processes within a highly secure facility.

“When it’s completed, Cairo Cargo City, will cover over 150,000m2 and will help CACC take the logistics market in Egypt to a new era of advanced logistics operations where process chains run smoothly in a synchronized manner,” says Amir Boulos, GM Finance and Administration. “The introduction of Hermes will allow us to compete at the highest levels, and provides the fast and efficient cargo clearance services expected by our customers now. We are already planning the installation of Hermes into our new facility which will be completed in Q1 2016.”

HERMES Logistics Technologies, Product Director, Simon Elmore added, “We are very pleased that CACC has chosen Hermes to support their growing business in today’s competitive world of cargo handling. This first stage switch over to Hermes shows how truly versatile theHermes Cargo Management System is and how easily it can be implemented. It’s stability was tested within hours of the “go live” with a Frankfurt freighter turnaround filled with perishables passing through CACC with no problems. We are looking forward to working with CACC’s excellent team again in the near future with the aim of transferring many of Hermes’ best practice processes into the new facility.”

About Cairo Airport Cargo Company

Cairo Airport Cargo Company (CACC) is an Egyptian shareholding company established in 1991. The development of air cargo industry has prompted CACC to set more focus on cargo handling activities and become a General Handling Agent providing premium services to prominent airlines such as Lufthansa Cargo AG, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Austrian Airlines and others.

With a highly qualified team, CACC handles more than 40,000 tons annually and delivers competent and advanced logistical solutions with full awareness to safety and security, while ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Europe’s largest temperature controlled air freight center goes live with Hermes

Twenty years after the Perishable Center Frankfurt (PCF) became one of the first in a new generation of temperature-controlled warehouses, Europe’s largest air freight centre has embraced new technology once again and has now gone live with the Hermes Cargo Management System (CMS).

PCF now have a cargo management system specifically tailored to their needs with built-in temperature checks, warehouse picking lists providing prioritised loading and hand-held Work Orders (Arbeitsaufträge) with the aim of supporting a completely paperless warehouse.

“The very nature of the shipments PCF handles means it is vital we can accept, breakdown and store in the correct location quickly and efficiently,” says PCF Managing Director, Rainer Wittenfeld, “HERMES is a real-time system designed to easily support and drive this type of quick turnaround making it ideally suited to our operation.”

HERMES Logistics Technologies, Product Director, Simon Elmore added, “We are delighted that PCF have chosen HERMES. This move into the cool chain sector shows how truly versatile the HERMES Cargo Management System is. HERMES is now running a number of varied operations worldwide ranging from small, single location warehouses to large networks, airline hubs and product specific facilities. With HERMES’ new Work Orders innovation, the ability to define complex, product-specific processes without the need for extra development opens the HERMES world up even further.”

The facility, which has 20 different temperature zones, is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and handles around 100,000 tones of perishable goods per annum.

About Perishable Center GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG

The Perishable Centre (PCF) at Frankfurt Airport is Europe’s largest air freight centre for temperature-controlled products, handling up to 700 tonnes of fresh produce each day.

Established in June 1995 it’s first centre of its kind in Germany and Europe, the Perishable Center Frankfurt offers a specialised air freight transit service, ensuring product quality with a continuous cold chain and minimal transit times.

Shortly after arrival by plane, goods are transferred to the Perishable Center at Frankfurt Airport. This unique transit hub provides an excellent infrastructure and an ideal logistics service with more than 9000m2 of storage space which includes 20 refrigerated storage areas.

For more information please visit:


Talma go live with Hermes in Peru

We are delighted to announce that Talma Servicios Aeroportuarios in Peru have now gone live with the latest version of the Hermes air cargo management system.

With operations at Peru’s 17 most important airports and in Mexico, Talma have offered cargo services for the last 23 years. And, like Hermes believe that technological innovation is essential if you are to stay ahead of the competition.

With Hermes, Talma now have a system which has fully integrated cargo “best practices” which will increase the efficiency of handling processes, limit the number of SLA failures and actively direct warehouse operations whilst seamlessly interfacing with local community systems.

“At Talma we are constantly evolving and looking for ways to introduce new technologies or processes and believe that the introduction of Hermes is another step towards us becoming one of the leading air cargo companies in Latin America,” said Arturo Cassinelli, CEO of Talma.

Hermes Product Director and Talma Project Manager, Simon Elmore, added, “Working practices and Customs requirements in Peru differ greatly from other countries and understanding them in detail proved challenging at times. We worked very closely with the Talma project team to analyse complex requirements and define relevant solutions. We are delighted to add Talma to the growing Hermes family.”

About Talma Servicios Aeroportuarios

For more than 23 years in Peru we have been offering comprehensive solutions based on a unique premise: the provision of safe, fast and efficient airport services. During 2014, we handled approximately 100,000 flights and transported more than 190,000 tons of domestic and international air freight. Our team is composed of more than 3,000 expert professionals trained to the very highest international standards, and we operate in Peru’s 17 leading airports.


Hermes enhances multi-currency function for Icelandair Cargo

Hermes has enhanced it’s multi-currency function within the Accounting section of it’s air cargo management system in response to a request from Icelandair Cargo.

Bertel Olafsson, IT Manager at Icelandair Cargo says, “The multi-currency invoicing function is important because a growing number of our fresh fish exporters have been asking to do business with Icelandair Cargo in currencies other than the Icelandic krona (ISK). For the last few years, to accommodate this, invoicing in other currencies has been done manually but with more and more customers wanting this facility it was apparent that being able to do this directly through the Hermes Accounting function was going to be the answer.”

“The new multi-currency enhancements allow Icelandair Cargo to automate the charge application, currency conversion and customer invoicing for complex tariff structures, specific customer agreements and local currency precision rules to efficiently streamline their accounting function saving them a lot of time and limiting risk when manually converting specific service elements from currency A to currency B,” added Simon Elmore, Product Director Accounts at Hermes.

About Icelandair Cargo

Icelandair Cargo is an international cargo air freight company with its headquarters in Reykjavik, an office at Keflavik airport and operations in New York.

Icelandair Cargo was established in the beginning of 2000 to handle cargo operations for Icelandair. 2001 saw the opening of a new warehouse at Keflavik Airport as well as the establishment of its subsidiary, Icelandair Logistics in Liege, Belgium.


All German customers now running latest Hermes version

Hermes are delighted to announce that Celebi Cargo Frankfurt are the latest German cargo handler to upgrade to the latest version of the Hermes air cargo management system. Hermes IT and cargo experts were on hand during the successful switchover with both Celebi stations at FRA upgraded overnight and back to “business as usual” by early the next morning.

Yuval Baruch, CEO Hermes said, “We are very pleased that such an important air cargo market like Germany has reacted so positively toa strategic company goal to upgrade all customers to the latest version of Hermes. The Perishable Center Frankfurt (PCF) will also join them when they go live with Hermes later this year.”

Like it’s fellow German cargo handlers, LUG Air Cargo Handling GmbH, Fraport Cargo Services (FCS), Hahn Cargo Services (HCS) and VG Cargo, Celebi now has access to the newest and most functionally rich version of HERMES available.

Recent enhancements include improvements to the DGR module, Flight Plan, Warehouse RIDES logic, Customs Form Design, Storage Calculation Options and a more modular IT design. Being on the latest HERMES version gives our customers more scope to amend their system quickly to cater for the changing demands of their customer airlines.



Hahn Cargo Services choose Hermes to run Frankfurt-Hahn warehouse

We are delighted to announce that Hahn Cargo Services GmbH (HCS) have chosen the Hermes air cargo management system to run their warehouse at Frankfurt-Hahn airport.

HCS had used Hermes before when they were run by Fraport Cargo Services (FCS) so when they were looking for a system to support their main customer Silk Way Airlines/Silk Way West Airlines, Hermes was the obvious choice.

Other benefits of choosing Hermes are its ability to use real- time Freight Status Update (FSU) messaging, fully integrated accounting and intelligent service management of cargo and documentation processes. Hermes also provides HCS with core business data that will also allow them to effectively analyse their own business and performance.

Initial staff training took place at our UK headquarters recently and the system went live a few weeks later.

Bernd Jung, IT Manager at HCS said, “The Hermes team were friendly and very competent and during the implementation we learned a lot about different airfreight processes and picked up some useful IT techniques. We would not hesitate to recommend Hermes and are looking forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Simon Elmore, Project Director at Hermes said,” The implementation at HCS went extremely well. The HCS team had already done a lot of the groundwork before we arrived onsite, including the bar coding of their warehouse, a large amount of the configuration of the system and a core team of warehouse and documentation staff were ready and up for the challenge. All in all, this was a very successful Hermes go live and we are very pleased to welcome HCS to the Hermes family”.

About Hahn Cargo Services GmbH

HCS GmbH provide full logistics service, physical and documentary handling for export / import, trucking and handling of DGR and valuable shipments, export consolidation, import deconsolidation by HAWBs and last but not least, complete customs handling.



Etihad Cargo takes off with Hermes

Hermes would like to congratulate Etihad Cargo on the successful cutover to the Hermes air cargo management system at their Abu Dhabi hub last week.

After nearly a year spent planning and staff training, the Hermes system is now responsible for the real time handling and process management for all of the cargo that passes through this facility every day.

Hermes Project Leader, Simon Elmore said, “The Hermes team developed specific functionality to meet Etihad Airways’ local requirements and spent time on the ground in Abu Dhabi to work through a three-tiered implementation plan, that took place over several months, to ensure that the final handover went smoothly. The success of this implementation and our relationship with Etihad Airways reinforces the Hermes commitment to cargo handling excellence and best in class process design and system controls. It also affirms the vast capabilities of the Hermes system now handling the hub requirements of a large cargo operation like Etihad Cargo.”

David Kerr, Vice President, Etihad Cargo, added, “The implementation of the new Hermes cargo management system is a very positive customer service enhancement that enables us to handle and transport our customer’s shipments more efficiently.”

The Hermes team will continue to work alongside Etihad to enhance the system and integrate more “best practice” processes in line with the building of Etihad’s new state-of- the-art Abu Dhabi hub, currently under construction.

About Etihad Cargo

Established in 2004, Etihad Cargo is the fast growing cargo division of Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. From its hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Etihad Cargo offers its customers a range of cargo services linked to its expanding international route network and aircraft fleet.

Etihad Cargo offers a full range of air freight products and services, all of which are designed to offer the best in class solutions. We take pride in our innovation and offer the latest transportation techniques & technologies, as we look to be the best air cargo logistics provider in the industry.


PACTL goes live with latest Hermes upgrade

Shanghai Pudong International Airport ( PACTL) has implemented an upgrade to the Hermes version 4.6 air cargo management solution at its cargo facilities. Benefits include new features like a more reliable DGR function, a ULD stock check process, a flight planning capability and the facility to produce integrated cargo damage reports.

PACTL operates out of three terminals at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, the 3rd largest cargo hub in the world. The upgrade was very much a joint effort that combined the expertise and experience of both organisations and resulted in a smooth and methodical transition to this latest version.

“We have been very happy with the way this project has progressed. Hermes air cargo experts and members of their technical team spent two weeks with us in China carrying out data migration and system training to ensure the switch over went smoothly”, said Lutz Grzegorz, Vice President PACTL.” The new version V4.6 will give us a lot more functionality overall and a further improved user-friendly interface which not only benefits our team here, but our expanding client base too.”

Hermes Chief Operating Officer, Yuval Baruch, added, “Hermes and PACTL have much in common. Both companies are committed to offering our customers innovative solutions, outstanding quality and the benefits of the latest available technology. The upgrade to Hermes V4.6 will give PACTL access to more data to help run their operations on a daily basis as well as enabling them to analyse their business in more detail as they look to the future.”

About Shanghai Pudong Intl. Airport Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd. (PACTL)

PACTL is a Sino-German joint venture based at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). It brings together three

HERMES is an IT Solution designed specifically for shareholders – Shanghai Airport (Group) Co., Ltd. (51%), Lufthansa Cargo AG (29%) and JHJ Logistics Management Co. Ltd. (20%).

PACTL offers handling services to airlines and forwarders transporting domestic and international air freight via Pudong. Founded in 1999, the company has become one of the leading cargo terminal handlers in the world and has played a key role in establishing Pudong as one of the major cargo hubs in China. Based on recent figures, PACTL employs 2,200 people and serves 46 permanent and several charter customers. PACTL handled about 1.3 million tonnes of air freight in 2013.

PACTL: Promising Perspective

Following the strong performance in 2013, PACTL has achieved a year-on-year tonnage growth rate of 12.52 percent in the first two months of this year. The company handled 191,361 tonnes of air cargo in January and February 2014 and this was the best result for this period in the history of PACTL. PACTL’s domestic cargo volumes grew by 7.14 percent to 14,199 tonnes in January and February 2014 in comparison with the same period in 2013, while its international cargo rose by 12.97 percent to 177,162 tonnes. Imports increased by 22.68 percent to 81,949 tonnes, while exports grew by 5.95 percent to 109,412 tonnes compared to the previous year.

The positive development not only reflects growth in the domestic market and the ongoing recovery of the international markets, but the expanding client base too. For instance, PACTL has recently been selected to provide customized cargo handling and documentation services for the Taiwanese airline EVA Air. The cooperation arrangement applies to both EVA Air cargo and passenger flights. Furthermore, in addition to the standard services, PACTL launched a unique premium product featuring faster handling times, dedicated teams and the use of the customer’s branding on request. All this shows the importance of operating an up-to-date warehouse handling system which is speedy, reliable and flexible, ready to adapt to future developments.

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