Yuval completes four-day cycling challenge

Yuval Baruch, Hermes CEO, spent four days cycling the length of Israel with his triathlon club, MyWay.









Around 80 cyclists took part in the challenge.

Hermes Chief Executive Officer, Yuval Baruch, undertook an intense, four-day cycling challenge through the mountains and deserts of Israel from 20th to 23rd October this year, with a team of fellow athletes from his triathlon club.


Flanked by a group of around 80 cyclists travelling in four pelotons, Yuval covered an impressive 630 kilometres, cycling for an average of five and a half hours per day in sweltering heats of up to 35 degrees Celsius.


The cycling tour began at the north-westerly border of Israel, before climbing south through the Golan Heights and down to the Sea of Galilee. From there, the pelotons made their way to the Dead Sea, navigating gruelling serpentine roads uphill to Mitzpe Ramon, at an elevation of 860 metres, which overlooks the world’s largest erosion cirque – an amphitheatre-like valley formed by glacial erosion.


The final leg from Mitzpe Ramon saw the troupe head south to finish their route in the port city of Eilat, at the Southernmost border of Israel.


The final day of the tour also saw Yuval achieve his best time, maintaining an average speed of just over 36 kilometres/hour. On day three he achieved his longest run, cycling for seven and a half hours and covering 191 kilometres in one day.


Over the four days, the cyclists climbed a total of approximately 6,400 metres on their bikes.


Yuval trains almost daily for such events with his triathlon club, MyWay, and completed the Ironman challenge in 2019.


“It’s boring to do the same things all the time, so we look for other things to do,” said Yuval.


“The cycling tour was a really good strength-building exercise and good preparation for longer cycling competitions, like Ironman, which is 180 kilometres in a day.


“It’s also a great social experience, working hard and helping each other under challenging conditions, and socialising afterwards.”


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Hermes 5 Perfect Track Record

Yuval Baruch, CEO, HLT (left), and Mark Reid, CIO, John Menzies plc.

We have recently upgraded a number of our users across the USA and Europe from our Hermes 4 system onto the upgraded Hermes 5 (H5) system.

User collaboration with meticulous communication and planning to facilitate 100% virtual upgrades ensured our perfect implementation track record is continued.

“An upgrade sounds like a simple task, however a medical equivalent to a CMS upgrade is an open-heart surgery as we are replacing the system that is the core of a user’s operation,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer, HLT.

“To ensure a successful upgrade, downtime must be minimised, and we need to ensure other systems continue to function seamlessly.

“HLT has a perfect track record of upgrade implementations due to our detailed preparation and dedicated, committed staff.”

Implementation is complete with Menzies in Los Angeles and Romania; dnata in Amsterdam; and FCS in Germany.

H5 manages all import, export, messaging, service monitoring, and accounting processes for its users.

The H5 rollout is the first part of HLT’s plan for their users to adopt HLT’s advanced New Generation (NG) ecosystem (Hermes NG).

Hermes NG includes Hermes Cloud Cargo Management System and Hub Management System, Hermes NG BI and Datalakes, Hermes Self-Serve Apps, and Hermes Application Programming Interface.

Read more – Ground handler dnata Singapore recently began implementation of Hermes NG at Changi Airport.

dnata Singapore implements Hermes NG at Changi Airport

Ground handler dnata Singapore has begun implementation of our New Generation (NG) Ecosystem (Hermes NG) at Changi Airport, Singapore.

Our scalable cloud ecosystem, which includes the Hermes 5 Cargo Management System (CMS), NG Business Intelligence (BI) and Datalakes, Hermes Track&Trace, and additional apps, will support dnata’s ongoing drive to digitalisation.

Hermes NG will help to streamline workflows, provide greater transparency across the handling process, and improve data sharing for all sections of the supply chain.

Hermes NG data can be used with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help decision making and optimise business and handling processes.

“The Hermes NG Ecosystem was developed with a best-in-class digital transformation agenda in mind for ground handling,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer, HLT.

“Our cloud-based solutions not only support our customers to streamline their services, but also the data we collect when matched with machine-learning algorithms provides valuable insights on efficiencies, costs, and new services.”

dnata Singapore handles over 6,000 tonnes of cargo a week at its 32,000 square metre facility at Changi Airport.

H5 will manage all import, export, messaging, service monitoring, and accounting processes for dnata at the hub.

HLT’s NG suite includes Hermes Cloud CMS and Hub Management System, Hermes NG BI and Datalakes, Hermes Self-Serve Apps, and Hermes Application Programming Interface.

“After the successful upgrade and seeing the benefits of the same system across our operations in Australia, we are excited to implement this technology in Singapore,” said Dirk Goovaerts, Regional Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, dnata.

“The Hermes 5 technology allows for improved oversight on a local and global level, supports enhanced customer engagement and service excellence, elevating data sharing with all our stakeholders in the air cargo eco-system and provides enhanced transparency across the cargo handling process.”

Hermes NG Apps are a set of pay-as-you-go self-serve responsive apps running on any device. Some of the available apps are Track & Trace, Companion App, Slot Booking and Landside Management.

Hermes’ new Chief Technology Officer

Marcus Campbell, Chief Technology Officer, Hermes Logistics Technologies

We have recently appointed Marcus Campbell as our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Marcus brings over two decades of technology experience to the management role and has worked globally with leading companies including Sony, Oracle, Deloitte and Accenture, and has significant industry experience within telecoms, retail, fintech, insurance, and shipping industries.

He will be part of HLT’s new implementations and upgrade drive as HLT expands its software engineering internationally to support ongoing growth.

“I am excited to join the Hermes technology team. I will make it our mission to accelerate our digital transformation and use technology innovation to deliver the next generation of cargo systems for our customers,” said Marcus Campbell, Chief Technology Officer, HLT.

Marcus joins as we successfully complete back-to-back Hermes 5 (H5) virtual systems upgrades for customers including Menzies, dnata Amsterdam, and Frankfurt Cargo Services.

The H5 rollout is the first step for customers to adopt our New Generation (NG) ecosystem (Hermes NG).

In a career spanning over two decades in technology, Marcus has implemented both business and customer-facing digital platforms, notably as head of software improvement programmes at London Underground, where he oversaw improvements to train telemetry software, leading the technical modernisation of station information systems.

Most recently he was Head of Architecture for UK-based youth charity The Prince’s Trust, where he was in charge of digital technology strategy, and lead product and engineering teams across a number of departments.

Marcus replaces Alex Labonne in the role, who leaves a legacy at HLT for Marcus to build on including HLT’s New Generation ecosystem (Hermes NG).

“Marcus will support the ongoing development of our Digital Ecosystem bringing a rich history of tech expertise,” said Yuval.

“We are focused on Next gen solutions for the supply chain and Marcus’ track record of developing and implementing new ideas will be invaluable as we move forward.

Alex was instrumental in the development of our digital strategy and we wish him the best with his new role.”

Hermes & Nallian empower Ground Handlers

Jean Verheyen, Chief Executive Officer, Nallian

Our main goal is to maximise profits for our customers. We do this by using state-of-the-art technology that is streamlined around processes and we are always looking for new ways to innovate and collaborate to achieve this.

For this reason, we have teamed up with data sharing and connected cargo community specialist Nallian to provide Ground Handling Agents (GHA) with an end-to-end solution to digitalise and streamline their landside management processes.

The aim behind the collaboration is to empower the ground handler by joining our ecosystems together to give heightened control and increased efficiency through better customer experience and superior functionality. Both Nallian’s landside management applications and our own Hermes New Generation (NG) Ecosystem solutions complement each other to elevate the final solutions.

HLT customers will benefit from additional services including:

  • A Slot Booking App, which connects handlers, freight forwarders, and trucking companies to coordinate pick-ups and drop offs, eliminating waiting times and flattening peaks and idle times, and a mobile Acceptance
  • A Delivery App, which gives truck drivers easy access to the booked slots assigned to them, enabling the real-time registration of all actions during the pick-up or drop-off process.

The Apps included in the HLT NG ecosystem product range enable GHAs to provide superior service through data sharing and tools to manage exception handling. The range enables access to Business Intelligence and Datalakes and NG Track&Trace, which are all designed to maximise the GHA’s profit by giving access to data and supply chain visibility.

Our collaboration will help ground handlers to enjoy the benefits of digitalisation in their extended processes, enabling them to do more with the same infrastructure. The apps have been built with and for air cargo stakeholders and aim at giving as many cargo actors as possible access to best-in-class solutions and the benefits of digitalisation.

With data sharing being a key element to the collaboration, HLT has been working on projects to utilise their Datalake infrastructure that captures and stores Hermes NG Business Intelligence events, including developing predictive business analytics with Artificial Intelligence algorithms, led by new HLT Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Marcus Campbell.

Junior Developer – Ideal for graduates (training provided)

The Job Role:

HLT is looking for a Junior Web Developer to assist in implementing its digital vision and create the next generation for HLT software products UX.  The ideal candidate will have good interpersonal skills, the ability to understand UX challenges and help create best of breed responsive user interfaces. The candidate will report to the development team lead.

The candidate will demonstrate a positive attitude and the ability to work in a relatively young team, where out of box thinking and contributing ideas is paramount to success of this long term greenfield project. In return, you will get all required support, training and flexibility to be able to achieve project goals. You will work in a dynamic team built on pillars of mutual respect, collaboration and continuous learning.  The candidate might need to occasionally travel abroad to meet our geographically dispersed team members.

Purpose and Responsibilities:

As a Junior Web Developer your role will require the following:

>  Full Stack web development (with front-end focus) under guidance of senior members of team

>  Design and development of User Interfaces

>  Developing multi device responsive interfaces (mobile/tablet/desktop)

>  Work alongside Business Analysts to translate business requirements into UX / UI requirements

>  Uphold core architecture, UX principles and ensure development standards are enforced

>  Contribute to the automated testing of features



Computer Science Degree preferable



>  HTML5, CSS3 (plus SCSS or LESS), JQuery

>  Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap

>  Knowledge of modern JavaScript & TypeScript

>  SPA design & development – currently using Angular 5

>  Knowledge of RESTful APIs

>  Unit and Integration Test frameworks (Jamsine, Protractor)




>  Azure services – current stack includes (App Services, Azure Functions, Service Fabric, Cosmos DB)

>  ASP.Net/Core, C#, MVC, Web API

>  TDD and BDD

>  Data Visualization frameworks

>  Continuous development & integration (version control TFS/VSTS/GitHub)





In the first instance, please send you CV with a covering letter to:


Caroline Ireland

Hermes Logistics Technologies Ltd

Lily Hill House

Lily Hill Road



RG12 2SJ


Or email cireland@hermes-cargo.com